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Blackduck Elementary students walk for a cause

Blackduck second graders prepare to take their one mile lap around town holding a sign showing they're raising money for the American Diabetes Association.1 / 2
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With smiles on their faces, a majority of Blackduck elementary students proudly took part in the Walk for Diabetes by walking a mile around town during the third annual event Oct. 23.

Students in grades K-6 have the opportunity to participate in the walk and help raise money for The American Diabetes Association.

According to walk coordinator Becky Denny, the kids that do participate really enjoy it.

"I try to make it an enjoyable experience for the kids," she said. "We do fun activities that educates them about diabetes."

Last year, Denny said the walk raised about $4,000. The numbers for this year have yet to come in. Whatever is raised, a portion of the dollar amount will be donated back to Blackduck Schools for physical education equipment.

Each grade level walked together for a mile, making seven groups that went out for a trip that day. Denny said she went four times and Superintendent Bob Doetsch went twice. Several parents and teachers also took a lap around town.

"This year we had dress up days the week of the walk," Denny said. "We had pajama day, wild day, camouflage day and wore red on the last day to support the cause."

The kids who dressed up, donated 25¢ to participate which went towards the overall money raised.

"The kids really feel a sense of accomplishment when they take part in something like this," Denny said.

After the walk, the kids are treated to a healthy snack to help unwind.

"Pepsi donated 350 bottles of water and the PTA supplied the healthy snacks," Denny said. "The Blackduck Police Department provided traffic control and Judy Savich volunteered to hand out the snacks. We are so thankful of everyone's help."

Denny said while she will already have next year's walk in mind, she will start heavily planning once the new school year starts. She hopes this is something she can keep around for years to come.