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Bemidji native killed in Afghanistan plane crash

Randy and Pam Bergquist

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- A Minnesota native has died in the crash of a U.S. Army reconnaissance plane in Afghanistan.

Pilot Randy Bergquist was killed along with two other American military contractors when the Army C-12 Huron twin-engine turboprop crashed two weeks ago in a rugged, mountainous area of northeastern Afghanistan.

Bergquist, 53, was born in Bemidji and graduated from Princeton High School. He and the other two victims were working for Lockheed Martin subcontractors.

Bergquist's widow, Pam, tells the Star Tribune that "Everybody knew that if that plane was flyable, he was walking out of the mountains."

The couple married in 1982 and moved to Florida in 1987. A former Marine, Bergquist worked for what was then U.S. Customs, doing drug interdiction. After retiring, Bergquist worked for Avenge Inc., a Virginia-based company.