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Blackduck Senior Center Update

The Blackduck Senior Center held its quarterly meeting Oct. 15 with 19 members present.

President Rich Ferdig presided. Leona Ferdig read the secretary's report from last quarter, which was accepted as presented. Treasurer Carol Hannigan distributed the July-September quarterly report saying the center is in pretty good shape financially. A question was asked, "Do we qualify for United Way funds like Bemidji does?" Jean Slindee said we have always been self supporting.

Slindee, who is in charge of fund raising, also commented that the pancake suppers provided on the third Thursday night of the month have had low participation and the board was wondering if it should be discontinued or changed to something other than pancakes.

Here's your chance, folks -- attend the next pancake supper and voice your opinion or make your wishes known during coffee times at the center.

Rich said the jam sessions on the first Saturday of the month are experiencing low and high participation also. That group is thinking about changing or reducing the hours for this activity. The Backwoods Bash luncheon was very successful --a sell out! The next fund raising event is Dec. 4 -- the omelet brunch, bake and craft sale.

Membership Chairman Eva Fischer said our membership reached 110 in July. Dues for 2010 will remain at $5. So far 17 individuals have signed up. This is a small price to pay for the privilege of having a gathering place for seniors. Beside coffee times in the morning and afternoon, we can participate in activities every day.

We've noticed new people are moving into town and we know some of you have reached that magic age. Why not join us now and see for yourselves? Jean Tipp from Experience Works has joined us and will have assigned duties. Welcome, Jean.

The maintenance crew decided the roof is okay for now and I thought I heard them say they are looking forward to shoveling and plowing snow! It was decided to purchase a used snow blower with auger and blower for $75. The leaf blower can be used to remove fluffy snow. The lawn mower will be stored at a member's garage for the winter.

Camille Hurtado of Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota introduced attorney Ron Carpenter as our guest speaker. Carpenter spoke to us about preparing for incapacity.

Carpenter covered the importance of having a Power of Attorney document which grants power to someone we choose to act on our behalf, should we become incapacitated in some way. His talk was very enlightening. It can be complicated, so the best thing is to get competent advice. Attending this type of meeting is so important for all of us, besides it's free!

See you soon.