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Kelliher City Council has very full agenda

The Council met in the Council chambers at City Hall for its regular meeting Oct. 5.

Councilmember Ramona Gehlert called the meeting to order as Mayor Darin Latterell was not in attendance. Councilmembers who were present included Laura Nelson, Victoria Rabe and Don Erickson. Staff present included City Clerk Dianna Thurlow, Public Works Superintendent Chuck Schultz and Assistant Clerk Peggy Vollhaber.

Others present were Calvin Mayers, Leroy Sutton, Michelle Krueth, Kelliher Public School Superintendent Tim Lutz and Industrial Arts Teacher Jeff Brown.

Mayers and Sutton addressed the council during the public forum regarding Lot Numbers 9 and 10 on Fourth Street which are considered to be unbuildable. Mayers inquired on behalf of the Northern Point Community Church regarding purchasing Lot Number 9 and not 10.

The council indicated that they wanted to sell both lots together as Lot number 10 would be difficult to move due to its location. The council stated that they would consider it but no decisions were made. It will be on the Oct. 19 agenda for further discussion.

The following consent agenda items were presented for approval:

* City council meeting minutes Sept. 21

*Receipts from Sept. 18-30 totaling $50,712.36

*Claims list for approval in the amount of $14,450.27

* Cash control statement

Public Works Superintendent Schultz addressed the council regarding street lights and their condition.

On Sept. 28, a street light located by Dr. Tackle blew down. Schultz inspected all the street light poles in Kelliher and indicated that there were seven poles that needed replacing. The council reviewed two different estimates that were submitted which indicated, steel street light poles at $985 each, stainless steel $1,095 each and replacement A-Base 5' shafts were $665 each.

The Infrastructure Committee recommends purchasing three stainless steel poles this year and additional ones next year. After a short discussion and reviewing the budget the council agreed to purchase three stainless steel poles this year and take down any additional poles due to safety concerns.

The council reviewed the revised August liquor store income statement

The council reviewed the estimates submitted from Bemidji Cooperative Association and Northern Star Co-op (Northome Plant). After a short discussion it was the consensus of the council to lease a 500 gallon tank from Northern Star Co-op with the possibility to purchase the tank in the future.

The Broadcast Music Incorporated agreement between BMI and the city of Kelliher Municipal Liquor Store was reviewed and after a short discussion the council agreed to the terms of the contract.

Head bartender Tom Heck is requesting to attend the MMBA annual regional meeting to be held in Walker Oct. 21. The topic will be theft and security issues at a cost of $15. The council voted unanimously to approve his request.

The council reviewed the job descriptions of the clerk and assistant clerk and made additional changes. The clerk's office will make the necessary changes and have them ready for approval at the next regularly scheduled council meeting Oct. 19.

Superintendent Lutz and Industrial Arts Teacher Brown addressed the council regarding remodeling a vacant house/building in Kelliher.

The council indicated that at this time, the city did not own any such property but to check with the bank and realtors in the area.

Krueth addressed the council regarding the property at 119 NE 3rd Street. She questioned the council regarding selling the property to the city or the city of Kelliher taking possession.

The council indicated that research would have to be done before considering such a transaction. No decisions were made on the issue and the meeting was adjourned.