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Meet The Teachers

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Barb Haluptzok

Making a difference in her student's lives is why Barb Haluptzok decided to fill the special education position for Blackduck Schools.

Haluptzok is no stranger to this field of work. She has had nine years of special education experience as well as four years of teaching first grade.

Before coming to Blackduck, Haluptzok spent her first three years of teaching at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Ghig School and nine years at Kelliher School.

"I want to make a difference in my student's educational experience," Haluptzok said. "I want to empower them with an attitude that makes learning possible. I want my students to see themselves as learners and create a desire within to learn and do well through hard work and effort."

Robin Ufford

Robin Ufford, the new Kelliher community education coordinator is excited about her new position and optimistic on how she can help the community.

This is the first time Ufford has found herself in this specific type of position.

After spending 10 years planning retirement parties and other reservations, she took it upon herself to research the aspects of being a community education coordinator through phone calls and over the Internet.

According to Ufford, meeting new people and helping the community come together are what makes her job most enjoyable.

"I think it is very important that we have a strong community," she said. "With living in a small town, we need to watch out for one another. Keeping our kids active in a structured, safe environment will help them make the right choices as they continue to grow and to pass this down to their own children."