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Beltrami County warns of new scam

Recently local law enforcement authorities have received reports of a telephone scam.

According to a press release from the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office:

- Victims are being targeted by telephone callers who identify themselves members of the Federal Trade Commission.

- The caller leaves a contact number advising the recipient that he or she has won a large sweepstakes drawing in Las Vegas.

- Victims are provided with additional telephone numbers to "confirm" their winnings.

- Suspects request that the victims wire transfer a sum of money, usually in the multiple thousands of dollars, to ensure their "financial eligibility to receive their winnings."

- Banks, Western Union outlets and money gram businesses are aware of the scam and are trying to assist victims by advising caution before wiring money.

Anyone receiving a telephone call of this nature or who suspects they are being scammed in any way should make a report with their local law enforcement agency.

As always, law enforcement warns people to be careful about providing personal information or responding to any unsolicited requests.