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Kelliher Council discusses lift station bid proposal

The Kelliher City Council met in the council chambers at city hall for its regular meeting Sept. 21 with all the council present.

Mayor Darin Latterell called the meeting to order. City staff present included Public Works Superintendent Chuck Schultz, City Clerk Dianna Thurlow and Assistant City Clerk Peggy Vollhaber.

Others present included Conservation Officer Brice Vollbrecht, Holiday Street Light Committee members Lori Rennemo and Karen Thayer, Calvin Mayers, LeRoy Sutton and David Leonhardt.

During the public forum, Conservation Officer Vollbrecht addressed the council regarding the regulation of the use of all-terrain vehicles, off-road vehicles and off-highway motorcycles.

The regulations state that it is illegal to operate on the inside slope, shoulder and roadway of state and county roads. It was noted that Class 2 ATVs may be operated on the shoulder of extreme right side of county or township road and city streets if not prohibited by the road authority or other local laws.

Class 2 ATVs may NOT be operated on the shoulder of state trunk highway. These regulations for these vehicles and motorcycles are under the state law requirements even if the city's ordinances allow the use within the city, state law supersedes and is prohibited.

Pamphlets for the 2008-09 regulations and licensing requirements from the Minnesota Department Natural Resources for off-highway vehicle use are available at city hall.

The following consent agenda items were presented for approval:

• City council meeting minutes from Sept. 8

• Receipts from Sept. 4-17 in the amount of $15,890.81

• Claims list for approval in the amount of $17,828.70

• Employee overtime report

Under general business, the holiday street light committee came before the council.

Rennemo and Thayer informed the council that the committee is formed of a group of citizens that are raising funds for holiday lights for Kelliher, the current holiday lights are over 20 years old.

The committee's goals are to raise enough money for new lights to be hung on Main Street East/West and Clark Avenue (Hwy. 72). There was a rummage sale scheduled Sept. 26 with all the proceeds will be going towards holiday lights. The committee is also requesting the council to allow them to submit a grant application to Con-Con (Red Lake Game Fund).

Other areas that the committee is requesting grants/donations from include Beltrami Electric, Paul Bunyan Telephone and The Upper Red Lake Area Association.

The committee also requested that the city appropriate funds towards the holiday lights. The council indicated that at this time all monies are being directed towards the sewer lift station and the transfer structure between the ponds but they would review the budget to see if money can be allocated towards holiday lights.

The council set Oct. 1 for the budget work session date.

Mayor Latterell informed the council that Rick Thayer cannot attend the PILT and Con-Con meeting Oct. 5 however, Ed Gehlert can attend as an alternate.

A short discussion was held regarding grant applications for the Con-Con (Red Lake Game Fund). The council approved the submission from the holiday lights committee and improvements to the pavilion in Paul Bunyan Park.

The council reviewed the bids that were submitted by Northdale Construction totaling $159,000, S-K Contracting totaling $167,000, Spruce Valley Corporation totaling $147,660 and Utility Systems of America totaling $145,000.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding the bids and the recommendation from the city's engineer, Brian Grund of Freeberg and Grund. Upon the recommendation from Grund, the council made a conditional award to the low bidder Utility Systems of America totaling $145,000.

The following conditions were attached to the motion on the motion:

1. Names of three references for similar projects completed and a brief description of each project.

2. A brief outline of how you propose to complete the critical parts of this project, including, but not limited to, Lift Station --bypass pumping/pump rehab/flow transfer/uninterrupted flow and Control Structure --water control/transfer.

3. A list of all subcontractors you propose to utilize and a description of their work.

4. A brief summary of your price for the control structure, as it was significantly less than the other bidders.

The conditions are to be submitted to Freeberg and Grund no later than Sept. 29 at 4 p.m. If Utility Systems of Systems of America is unable to meet the condition by the above date, the council will award the bid to the next apparent low bidder, Spruce Valley Corporation totaling $147,000.

The council reviewed the job descriptions of the clerk and assistant clerk and made suggestions. The clerk's office will make the necessary changes and have them ready for approval at the next regularly scheduled council meeting Oct. 5. Hours in the clerk's office were discussed but no decisions were made.

The council reviewed the draft of the emergency response plan for the city of Kelliher's wastewater system completed by the Schultz and Thurlow. The clerk indicated that prior to council approval the draft needs to be reviewed by the Infrastructure committee, fire chief and everyone that is involved in the procedures to verify all steps that are indicated in the response plan can be understood by everyone involved.

The liquor store committee meeting minutes were reviewed by the council.

The council reviewed the liquor store Income statement and noted some discrepancies. The clerk will make the necessary changes and have the revised income statement at the next council meeting.

A short discussion was held regarding having two entities in the liquor store providing pull tabs and the legalities that are associated. The council came to the consensus to approach the Northome VFW to put a $2 pull tab box in the liquor store and provide bar bingo.

The motion was made to approve the Northome VFW to put a $2 pull tab box in the liquor store and provide bar bingo. The motion carried unanimously.

Frenzel Construction, Inc. submitted a revised estimate due to Davis/Bacon wages apply when receiving a Small Cities Grant of more than $2,000. The prior estimate did not include those wages. The revised bid amount totals $27,000. The bid covers replacing the wood furnace, painting the west side of building, insulate and hang sheetrock in the wood room, install aluminum soffit and fascia and replacing two commercial entry doors.

The motion was then made to approve the revised estimate and carried unanimously.

The council reviewed a newspaper article that was ran in the Bemidji Pioneer.

Councilwoman Gehlert informed the council regarding the MAOSC board meeting she attended. She reported that other cities are in the same pinch as Kelliher regarding infrastructure issues, no money being available and the high cost of repairs/replacement. Everyone is feeling the effects of the recession.

The meeting was then adjourned.