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Pedestrian injured after accident with vehicle in Bemidji

A pedestrian was taken to North Country Regional Hospital Tuesday afternoon after he collided with a vehicle while crossing Bemidji Avenue North.

According to a report from the Bemidji Police Department:

Andrew Walton, age and address not listed, was crossing Bemidji Avenue eastbound at the intersection with 10th Street Northwest when the collision occurred at 4:41 p.m.

Walton suffered pain in both knees and his left hip, and also had a bump on the right side of his head. He was treated and released at NCRH.

The driver of the Century, Jason Hansen, age and address not listed, was not injured.

Hansen was stopped at a signal light facing south on 10th Street preparing to make a left-turn turn onto Bemidji.

The signal light turned to green, and Hansen began to approach the intersection, but he slowed when he saw a vehicle approaching along Bemidji Avenue. Once he was convinced the vehicle was going to stop, Hansen resumed his left turn.

Hansen said he did not see Walton, who was then crossing the street, before the collision occurred.

Walton said he saw the vehicle coming and jumped to avoid being hit. He landed on the hood of the Century and then fell to the street.