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Waskish News

On Sept. 8, Sherril (Slez) Bucholz, Virginia Leonhardt, Marge Anderson and Jennie Halama traveled to Bemidji to visit Mary Rytter. They enjoyed lunch together at Mary's apartment following a tour of her garden. She is doing very well and remaining very active.

David and Virginia Leonhardt, Jesse, Wyatt and Clyde Jensen traveled to Big Falls Sept. 12 for the annual Old Time Country Gospel Night where David played his saw. Also that evening, John and Dawn attended a pastoral review for Pastor Ed Anderson who pastors at the Waskish Baptist Church and the Northern Point Community Church of the Nazarene in Kelliher. We are pleased to announce that the review was very positive, so Pastor Ed and his family will be staying in our area for at least another four years.

Sherril (Slez) Bucholz hosted at dinner at the town hall in honor of John and Dawn's 18th wedding anniversary Sept. 13. Those in attendance were David and Virginia Leonhardt, Gary and Kay Leonhardt, Sandy Olson and John Halvarson.

On Sept. 19, the first Teen Bible Quiz meet of the season was held in Kelliher. Teams came from as far away as Rochester to quiz on the first five books of I Corinthians. Seven teens from the Kelliher church participated, with Wyatt Jensen earning the fifth place trophy. Keep up good work, teens!

Wyatt Jensen celebrated his 15th birthday with a party at the beach Sept. 20. Those helping him celebrate were Jerry and Georgie Jensen, David and Virginia Leonhardt, Tom and Bev Austreng, Sherril (Slez) Bucholz and Jeff and Kelly Chaffin and family. It was a beautiful day at the beach! Wyatt had another big day Sept. 21 when he was crowned Homecoming Prince. Congratulations, Wyatt!

Dallas Reed received a call from is niece, Marilyn, that she became a grandma a couple of weeks ago. The baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Grover Gore II of North Carolina. His name is Grover Gore III. Laddie Miller is great-grandma and Dallas is great-great nephew.

Mr. and Mrs. Gen Gary of Moundsview, are spending a few days at their trailer and hoping to winterize it before they leave by the end of the week. It's that time of the year and it's really going to be quiet.

Several people attended the DU banquet at West Wind Thursday. It was a huge success. Some people were really lucky.

Betty Blegen left the Bemidji Hospital Sept. 16 and is staying with daughter and son-in-law, Betty and Jeff Halverson, in Bemidji for another week. Mary Lindner picked her up Saturday and brought her north. She stayed with the Lindners Saturday and Sunday then Mary brought her to Waskish so she could see her place. She also visited with us before they headed back to the Halversons until next week when she will be able to come home and stay. Anyway, that's the plan.

While Betty was home Sunday, he son, Harold, Jr., called and told her that his second son has a liver "C." I guess we never know what tomorrow might bring.

Larry Weigelt and Shorty Hillman drove to the cities for the grandson's baseball game.

B.J. rode home with Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Erickson Friday after spending three days in MeritCare and will be returning with the Ericksons. He has to be in the hospital Monday for another procedure. We are hopeful this will be the last one and then he's back home again.

Shorty is going to Baudette twice a week for a check up. Between the two of them, we haven't done much else.

The weekend of Sept. 12, the Dirty Riders had their annual 4-wheel run. There was around 50 girls this year. They stopped at different places, visited, took pictures and enjoyed their day together.

The weekend of Sept. 19, Marketa Anderson and friends from Chisholm, had their annual summer fishing trip to Red Lake. Colleen takes them out on the pontoon and they fished. This year, they caught fish so they had a fish fry before heading home Sunday.

Tom Goodin and his buddies from the Twin Cities, were up over the weekend fishing and bird hunting. They had more luck hunting than fishing and everyone watched the Vikings win Sunday at the Triple T. The Twins are still three games behind the Tigers.

Rachel just called and said Will's team won the first game and was playing the second game as she spoke. They did win the second one also.

Freeman Raddi of Waconia, stopped this morning and was going up to Blanchards trailer to try and get some birds. Mr. Raddi is 91 years old and we are happy to see he is still able to hunt.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blanchard have been staying in their motorhome behind the Baptist church down on the Tamarack for a few days and have stopped to visit.

We want to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Dean Frenzel to the Waskish area. They have purchased Hudec's Resort.

Fits the season! "Football and the Blonde." It's only a joke but out of all the blonde jokes, this one has to be the best!

Football finally makes sense... A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench.

After the game, he asked her how she like the experience.

"Oh, I really like it," she replied. "Especially the tight pants and all the big muscles but I just couldn't understand why they were killed each other over 25¢!"

Dumbfounded, her date asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it. Then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was, 'Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!' I'm like... Helllooooooooooo? It's only 25¢!!!"