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Paperboy - the back story

Buck Aldrich, now 100 years old, is the 10-year-old boy third from the left, front row, in this 1919 photo.

About three weeks ago, Maryanne Morgan brought to the Pioneer office a sepia-tone photo of 11 Bemidji Daily Pioneer delivery boys. She donated the photo and it's hanging in the reception area by the newspaper's front desk.

She said a friend, Barbara Jarvis, who is Aldrich's daughter, found the original in a box of keepsakes she received from an aunt. At 100 years old, Aldrich is partially blind and can't see the photo, but he remembers it being taken. He described himself as the "smallest and skinniest" paperboy and 10 years old at the time. That was how we identified him in the 1919 photo.

He recalled his dealings with the publisher, Mister Carson. I went to the Bemidji State University library to see if I could find which Carson was the publisher as Aldrich didn't know his boss' first name. Not much luck. The publisher in 1919 was identified only by his initials, G.E. Becuase the armistice ending World War I had recently been signed, there was a lot of news about the troops, and some of the boys are holding papers showing photos of soldiers. It is also interesting that the boys are holding three different editions of the Pioneer.

Aldrich's family also donated a copy of the photo to the Beltrami County Historical Society.

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