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Pathways Through Our Past

Well, it has happened again --a hard frost visited a few of us last Saturday night, and it was still August. Along with the first killing frost comes the History Center's annual plant and produce harvest.

This year's event is scheduled for Sept. 19 and will include a bake sale and chili lunch. Homegrown chickens will be available for sale, and if you wish to reserve a $15 space, please leave a message at 835-4478 or call Glennis Moon or LaVonne Peterson. A hot bowl of chili on a crisp fall day really sounds good, doesn't it?

I prefer spring, but this time of year is rather exciting. School starts, kids are anxious about catching a bus for the first time, or they wonder if they will like their teacher, or if the school lunches will be the same.

Football practice is underway and cheerleading practice has begun. The participants will be excited to play the first football game, and will be nervous about their parents and friends watching. Parents, teachers and students will all be thinking about the four-day school week and how it will impact their lives.

Some people are closing down their cabins, and fishing boats are heading south.

Others are baiting and hunting bear, and soon blaze orange will be the in thing in clothing. What is left of fruits and vegetables are harvested and the canning and freezing is winding down. Some gardens are being put to bed or are being prepared for next spring. With the weather being the way it was, gardening was tough this year. I didn't hear of anyone finding zucchini in their unlocked cars!

Fall is also a beautiful time of the year with all its color. The air is crisp and smells different -- fresh. It's a nice time to listen to the leaves crunch as we take a walk through the woods. The sun is noticeably lower and the sunsets are gorgeous. The moon seems closer and whiter. I can't imagine being at any other place than Blackduck or being without our four seasons can you?

Well, I best quit daydreaming and get back to the business of history.

Let us remind you that a good way to pass time and learn something about the development of this area, is to read or view the autobiographies and World War II veteran stories that are in the History Center library. We hope to record your life story soon. It helps students understand the history and the making of this area.

Do you have a collection of old dolls, trains, political or other lapel pins, pocket knives, old calendars, spice, coffee or other tins, or anything that you find interesting. If so, please call us as 835-4478 or stop in. We really look forward to your visits.