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Blackduck Apt. News

Week ending Aug. 31

Tuesday, to celebrate Lorraine's birthday, Max and Nina Cheney had dinner for her, inviting Irma and Dee to join them.

Friday, Jean Tipp had supper at the home of Bill and Arlene Koebernick. Saturday, she drove to Big Falls to visit campers Bill, Arlene, Jose, Jennifer and Rosalayna. It was Rosalayna's first experience at camping. She woke up in the middle of the night and said, "Home daddy." She said she had a good on the walks they took. While walking, they saw a cedar tree stump with a pine tree growing out of the center of it.

Monday, Charlane Edin visited Lorraine and later in the week. Jessica Edin enjoyed supper with Grandma Peck.

Saturday, Gaylen Cotton spent the afternoon visiting Grandma Peck, assisting her with odds and ends jobs followed by a later dinner and lots of visiting.

Lorraine had a good time with Dan and Lori and her church family at RBC for worship services, followed by a lunch of chocolate cake and coffee to celebrate the birthday of Nancy Gustafson.

After doing some shopping, Lori and Lorraine returned to the church for a BBQ picnic out around the grill. All of this took up most of the day but Lorraine said she sure had fun.