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Traffic restricted on Waskish bridge

A Waskish bridge was restricted to three-ton or less traffic Saturday night after it was found deficient.

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management was notified of a potential hazard found at a bridge, located on the Steel Bridge Road Northeast that crosses the Tamarac River east of state Highway 72 in Waskish, Beryl Wernberg, county emergency management director, said in a statement Saturday night.

"A bridge inspector found that there was sufficient reason to reduce vehicle traffic to vehicles that weigh three tons or less -- the size of a passenger car or pickup," Wernberg said.

"Deputies went door to door and explained to the residents the limitations placed on weight allowed on the bridge. Emergency services have been notified and contingency plans are in place," she added.

County Highway Engineer Tyler Koos and his staff erected warning signs and will be talking with a consultant on Monday regarding a temporary "fix" to the problem, Wernberg said. A replacement bridge is already scheduled to be constructed in place of the steel bridge that presently exists next spring.