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One injured in Bemidji motorcycle accident on Thursday

A Bemidji man was taken to North Country Regional Hospital Thursday as a precaution following an incident in which he avoided a collision with a vehicle by lying the motorcycle down on the roadway.

According to a report from the Bemidji Police Department:

Stanley Bryant, 64, of Bemidji, was driving west on Anne Street Northwest approaching the intersection with Hannah Avenue Northwest when a vehicle pulled in front of him.

Bryant avoided the collision by putting the motorcycle down on its side. He suffered a bump on the head and a sore arm.

The incident was reported at 2:22 p.m. Thursday.

The other driver was identified as Sheila Page, 63, of Hines, who was driving a Jeep. She told officers that she was on Hannah Avenue at the stop sign when a semi-truck turned east from Hannah onto Anne. She looked under the semi-trailer and didn't see another vehicle, so she went.

Page said she did not see the motorcycle until it went down.