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UPDATED: Code Red Alert issued for escaped inmate near Bemidji

Waskish News

Lsat Week

Shorty and I drove to Thief River falls Thursday and spent the night then came back through Roseau. We haven't driven that way in over 40 years. The fields looked good, the corn is nice and high and the grain fields are about ready to harvest. It sure is a nice drive but it would be pretty during the fall colors.

Dallas said this morning that from Friday until Sunday, we had 2½ inches of rain and we had a couple of showers today. Also, according to PBTV, we were supposed to have rain tomorrow. We need some warm weather for the gardens or it's going to be slim pickings this year.

Saturday, Shorty's brother, LeRoy Nordrum, passed away. He would have been 81 Sept. 15. His sister, Olive, Nita, Mable and Nita's husband, Lyle, were with him when he passed.

Mabel had been with him a couple of weeks ago and Char spent one day a week helping out also. It was hard for him to get around. Our prayers are with his boys and their families - Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nordrum of Princeton and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nordrum and Lilly of Wasilla, AK. Roy's wife passed away in November of 2007. I sure miss her and Roy was always so full of it. It's going to really be different to come deer hunting and go ice fishing. May they rest in peace. They are both buried in Fairview Cemetery in Kelliher.

A couple of weeks ago, Butch Weigelt, the son of Charlette Weigelt, said his mother was in a rest home in Delano but this past weekend, he said she was going to come home Monday. She was in for therapy for her back.

Several people from the area attended the memorial service for Howard Hill at the Waskish Town hall or, as so many call it, the old school house. Howard passed away Dec. 16 in Montana. He was working at the East Glacier entrance.

Howard had retired from the Navy around 1974 so a chaplain friend and navy buddy did the service and Caroline had a video tape along with music in the background that she had made of her dad and of his life. It was very well done and interesting.

Judy and Lisa Duresky of Zimmerman were here for the memorial and also here was Barry Pula, Bryan Snopoff and his friend from Rockford.

A week ago, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Jorgenson of Milwaukee, WI, were here. He is the son of the late Elsie Halverson, Carl's sister. They, along with Nita Erickson, Sandy Olson, Annetta Jarett and Sylvia Reiter, enjoyed a supper at West Wind and then visited at Sylvia's cabin.

Annetta Jarett of the east coast, has been spending the past couple of months with her sister and brothers, Pete and John Olson.

Pete and Ilene spent the weekend in Minneapolis as her brother, Jamie McCarthy, and his wife from Texas, were up.

Lucy Hill, Caroline, Travis and Tiffany Hill, all of Faribault, were in town and visited as many people as they had time to visit. They lived in Waskish for some years.

Sandy Olson was telling me about two more hatches of ducklings.

Betty Blegen has been in the Bemidji hospital for a couple of weeks.

Edna Keller attended the funeral for Gerta Peterson at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Kelliher Saturday. Of course, it had to rain.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Darin Latterell on the birth of their daughter, Aug. 2. Big brother, Cole, will be a lot of help!

Don't forget the flea market the Saturday after Labor Day.

Also, the Waste Management dumpsters will be here from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. and Sunday, I understand that Carole Ellsworth is having an auction so remember to spend Sept. 5-6 in Waskish!

Colleen attended the wedding of two classmates -- Beth Matheny and Ben Snow. It was at Beth's house and Pastor Bomgren did the ceremony.

Joke of the Week

A guy was walking down the road pondering on how he is going to provide for his family. He stumbles upon a giant wheel of cheese (enough to last his family for months). He picks it up and rushes home.

Excitedly he shows his wife who asked, "Do you even know what kind of cheese it is?"

"Yes I do," he replied. "It's nacho cheese and I know that because after I picked it up, a guy started chasing me saying, "That's nacho cheese!!!"

He bought the drum for a great price. It was a steel.

This Week

Colleen Hillman and Dakota Johnson spent from Sunday until Saturday at the Thurston's n Coon Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hillman joined them Tuesday and all of them attended the funeral of LeRoy Nordrum at Hope Lutheran Church. Also there were his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Erickson of West Fargo, Maule Sands of White Fish, MT, Olive Richardson of Swea City, IA and brother, Howard Nordrum, who is a patient in the V.A. hospital. Also there were several nieces and nephews.

Mable had been taking care of Roy for the last couple of months and Olive came a few weeks ago to help Mable then Mable came back with the Hillmans and was spending a couple of weeks in Waskish.

Larry Wiegelt arrived home Friday after working in Moorhead the last few weeks. He'd laid off for awhile.

Bobby Edin and Ray Cogger spent Saturday with B.J. Hillman.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Olson, once a year, have a grandparents weekend and that was held this past weekend. Pete's little girls, Arnie's boy and girl and Jerry's boys all were out riding in the wagon and then went fishing. They always seem to have a good time and enjoy it so much.

Friday, Mabel and Shorty took in the city-wide garage sale. They also visited with Betty Koehn and Leona and Louie Nyberg.

Joke of the Week

In a perfect world, people would always have reason to be optimistic.

You would never fumble but if you did, you would recover the ball yourself.

The mail would always be early. The check would always be in the mail and it would be written for more than you expected.

All people would expect to be accepted.

Every once in a while at least, a kid always closed the door softly would be told to, "Go back and slam the door."

Highway patrolmen would never be around when you are running late but would always be at your side when a BMW blows past or a Mac truck won't get off your bumper.

Warranties would be 13 months and the product would fail at 12.

More would be accomplished by governments when they spend more.

Ski vacation starts on a high but goes down hill from there.