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The View from this Side of the Lake: Why the elimination of Bemidji's Community Development Director? you are the CEO of an exciting, vibrant up and coming company. Times are tough economically, but your company has a lot of things going in its favor. Your company is growing regionally and admired statewide. You undertake one of the biggest projects your organization has ever done...a $90 million dollar project that will change things totally for years to come. Not only that, your company is redeveloping your core businesses that have been around for years. Throw into the mix that you are taking over and absorbing an existing organization nearby. As with any well run operation, you have your most talented, well connected, seasoned individual as your POINT PERSON...the "GO TO" person, respected and thought highly of by everyone. This person has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars of operating capital into your company. The question presented before us is... if $30,000 of expense had to be saved....would it be the SMART decision to wipe out this integral position/person or would the SMART decision be to look for less critical positions to save the dollars??

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