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Front Yard Garden of the Week: There is something for everyone in this garden

Bess Kuryla's garden at 2122 Birchmont Drive NE is the Front Yard Garden of the Week. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

There is something for everyone in Bess Kuryla's front yard garden.

She plants what she likes, including hostas, impatiens, alyssum and dusty miller. These are in pleasant color combinations and line her driveway. She meets the challenge of gardening under a pine tree with hostas and impatiens. Miniature moss roses in combinations with other plants and small shrubs, give the appearance of small gardens throughout the lawn. A small yellow mum sparkles near the front door.

Bess uses unique accessories to show off her flowers. Most of them are recycled, and many have memories attached to them. A Croc shoe found by her daughter holds a million bells plant. A section of a hollow basswood tree makes a great natural planter. Three "guys" sit amidst the flowers under the pine tree. They were given to her by an art student. Small ceramic turtles race among the flowers near the sidewalk and delight the small children who walk by. American flags grace the yard.

Bess' husband, Ted, died within the past year. He was a proud veteran and always loved flags in the yard. He collected much of the driftwood tucked among the plants. He was a native of the Iron Range and bits of iron ore are placed throughout the garden area.

Bess battles the squirrels and rabbits just like most gardeners. She has to admire the squirrels for their ingenuity and persistence. However, rabbits recently raised her ire when they ate the tops off some of her best plants.

Another challenge is the salt damage from the streets. This year, Bess put two raised beds with golden cockscomb and white alyssum at the driveway entrance. They are doing very well. Bess plans to cover the beds with plastic this winter to keep off the salt.

In spite of the challenges, Bess finds gardening to be a great stress reliever. Although she spends many hours working in her yard, it is always a welcoming place for children. It reflects Bess' sense of humor. It is a place that evokes wonderful memories.