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Wilton Days: Town plans to celebrate

With a shot heard around the town, Wilton will inaugurate its first community celebration Saturday.

The theme for Wilton Days, Saturday and Sunday, is Horses and Hogs.

Brady Baker, the mayor's 15-year-old son, will fire a gun to start the horse parade at 10:59 a.m. Saturday.

"Lonnie, the Clydesdale from (Big North Distributing) will lead the parade," Baker said. "He's a good crowd-drawer. He tours quite a lot. This is his time of year to prance."

Lonnie's theme music will be the Budweiser beer jingle, "Here comes the King."

Baker will ride in the buggy Lonnie pulls along with Parade Marshal Evelyn Rafferty, Wilton's oldest resident.

The highlight of Saturday afternoon will be the talent show with a skit written by Louanne Beyer.

She said Sunday will be Hog Day with a motorcycle show and barbecue at Freedom Rolls.

Baker said the committee has been planning since spring the first Wilton Days, which they hope will become an annual celebration. Part of the planning involved a community clean-up assisted by members of Sentence to Service, she said.

The celebration also is a fundraiser for Light Up Wilton to buy Christmas lights and support other beautification efforts around the city. She added that businesses have donated an array of items for the silent auction and raffle.

"The city has a vision and this is the start to put some hometown spirit and make you proud of your town," Baker said.

She pointed out Wilton's attractions - the shooting park, Wilton Hill and Rognlien County Park.

Baker said the committee encourages anyone who has old-time photos of Wilton to share them for an exhibit at the celebration.