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County to rename road in Blackduck

The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Management/911 Communications, along with the GIS E911 Coordinator would like to inform the citizens of Beltrami County, specifically in the Blackduck area, of a road name change. Stoner Memorial Drive N.E. (Beltrami County Road 30) will be renamed N. Blackduck Lake Road N.E.

Stoner Memorial Drive N.E. has experienced numerous thefts of road name signs since its inception. At least eight signs and sign poles have been stolen from this roadway. The cost to replace the signs including labor, poles and the sign range between $55 and $200.

The County sent letters to property owners indicating the change and realizes that it is an inconvenience to the many households along the road to change their address but the expense of these thefts impacts every taxpayer. In addition, the County's Ordinance on Road Naming and Structure Numbering states that if a road name is vandalized four times, the road name will be changed.

It is obvious that people who steal these signs do not realize the impact their actions have. Emergency Services depend on road signs for assistance in locating life and death situations. No sign slows down the process and could cause dire consequences. We urge anyone with knowledge of where these signs are and/or who stole them to notify our office or just turn them in to their local Law Enforcement Center. We can at least recoup some monies by recycling the blades and posts.

Questions and comments may be directed to Beryl Wernberg at 333-8320 or by