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Shot Mahnomen deputy Chris Dewey on ventilator for part of weekend; wife upset about lack of notice regarding plea deal

Christopher Dewey, the Mahnomen County sheriff's deputy shot in the line of duty in February was on and is now off a ventilator, according to a post made by his wife on

Emily Dewey said that her husband was able to be taken off a ventilator and is now breathing on his own Sunday after having been put on a ventilator Saturday morning.

Chris Dewey is currently in intensive care at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colo. He was in Craig Hospital next to Swedish Medical Center for extensive rehabilitation therapy until an infection necessitated the move to intensive care.

The ventilator was being used because medication isn't slowing down Chris Dewey's blood pressure or heart rate, according to Emily Dewey's post on July 4.

Chris Dewey had surgery June 27 to fix a shunt that was put in earlier in June.

Emily Dewey also expressed frustration on the lack of communication between Mahnomen County Attorney Julie Bruggeman and her concerning the plea bargain for the man accused of being an accomplice of the alleged shooter. Emily Dewey said she learned of Daniel Vernier's plea deal from a newspaper and not from Bruggeman directly.

Vernier pleaded gulity to one count of failing to render aid in exchange for agreeing to tesitfy against the man accused of shooting Chris Dewey, Thomas Fairbanks. With the plea bargain, 16 other charges filed against Vernier will be dropped and he will serve no more than 24 months in prison.

That sentence will be served concurrently with any sentence handed down to Vernier in an unrelated domestic violence conviction that could give him 30 months of jail time for violating the terms of his probation given for that crime.

To gain access to Chris Dewey's site, type in Chrisdewey on the home page.