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Kids make gifts for Dad's Day, events all summer

The Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department hosted a Father's Day gift-making event Thursday afternoon at Diamond Point Park. Many families came to create a travel mug for Dad. From left, Seth Newby, 4, and Alec, 2 get a helping hand from their mom, Linda Newby, to make the perfect handmade gift, Not pictured was brother Dale, 6. Pioneer Photo/Monte Draper

Dozens of kids pasted foamy letters, stuck stickers and colored out the letters "D-A-D" on travel mugs Thursday during the Fathers Day gift-making event.

The Bemidji Parks and Recreation Department hosted the event and will continue to hold children's events throughout the summer.

"We are trying to focus and encourage people to use the parks," said Marcia Larson, Parks and Recreation director.

Larson, who was hired about a year ago, saw the need to create more summer recreation programs for kids. Special events coordinator Samantha Parker was hired to help organize the events.

"We worked together on what we thought people would like," Larson said.

Special events such as the Fathers Day gift-making event, will be going on all summer, each in different parks to showcase what the parks have to offer, Larson said.

"It's fun to develop parks, but it's fun to have activities going on in them," Larson said.

Other events include a playground workout, yoga at the beach, night games and an archeological dig. The next event, a playground workout, starts June 30 and focuses on physical fitness and fun.

"We're trying to get the blood moving doing fitness," Larson said.

The playground workout will move on a circuit from park to park on a four-week session. The event will take place on Tuesday afternoons starting in Nymore Park.

On Thursday kids, moms, and at least one dad helped to create a homemade Fathers Day gift under the pavilion at Diamond Point Park.

Nick Wichern stood back as his daughter, Veronica, worked on her mug.

"That's why I'm standing back here," he said, so he wouldn't see the details yet.

At a different picnic table, 4-year-old twins Kiera and Annika Nelson proudly displayed the paper they had decorated to be put into their travel mugs. They were joined by their aunt, Dakota Nelson, and two other siblings.

Nelson had heard about the event from her sister-in-law and said her nieces wanted to make something for Fathers Day.

"Now their dad will get four - you can never have too many travel mugs!" Nelson said.

For a complete catalog of Parks and Recreation Department events stop at the Public Works Building or contact Marcia Larson at -333-1857.