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Shot Mahnomen County Deputy Chris Dewey fights fever as doctors plan surgery

Mahnomen County Deputy Chris Dewey and his wife Emily Dewey.

As Mahnomen County Deputy Christopher Dewey continues to struggle with his recovery after being gunned down on duty, it's difficult for his boss not to be by his side.

"I want to go out there and just hold him by the hand and be like, 'Come on, Chris, we're getting better starting now,' " said Mahnomen County Sheriff Doug Krier.

But with Dewey about 1,000 miles away in a Colorado hospital, that isn't always possible.

"You kind of feel a little bit helpless," Krier said.

The sheriff visited his wounded deputy in April and is planning another trip next month. In the meantime, Dewey's wife, Emily, is by his side, providing updates by phone and continually posting to his CaringBridge journal.

Dewey is currently fighting a low-grade fever, and doctors are hoping to perform surgery this week to put a shunt in his head where he was wounded. Fluid is starting to build up in that areabut doctors want to wait until he is free of infection before performing surgery, according to Krier and the journal posts.

Dewey was shot in the head and abdomen Feb. 18, leading to a nearly nine-hour standoff. Two men have been charged with numerous felonies in connection with the case.

Dewey is sitting up in bed, and Emily and his sister-in-law are helping him continue therapy.

He continues to speak a bit more each day, Emily wrote recently, noting:

"The highlight of our day came first thing in the morning when Chris said, 'Good morning ladies.' He used to say that every morning ... but we haven't heard it in a couple months!"

The journal entries keep loved ones informed, with more than 580,000 visits.

Many people inquired about Dewey this past week during the Minnesota sheriffs conference, Krier said, adding he called Dewey's wife to make sure she knew that.

"Just to let her know that he hasn't been forgotten; we are still thinking about him," Krier said.