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Baby sitter charged with abuse

HASTINGS, Minn. (AP) -- Authorities say an Apple Valley woman abused a 6-month-old Eagan baby, breaking both of the girl's femurs, both arms, her left shinbone, her right ankle, her right wrist and two left ribs.

A criminal complaint says the femur and shinbone fractures were found April 17, and doctors ordered a full body scan which showed the other fractures. Most were between two and four weeks old.

Authorities charged the baby sitter, 30-year-old Laura Marie Wilkinson, with three counts of malicious punishment of a child causing substantial bodily harm.

Wilkinson declined to comment on how the girl was injured.

Eagan police say Wilkinson told them she became rough with the baby when she was frustrated with the girl's crying.

She also admitted to grabbing the girl by the wrists and swinging her in the air like a monkey.