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Pemble wins Bemidji Wellness Challenge

Marilyn Pemble of Bemidji received $1,000 April 17 for the grand prize of the 2009 Bemidji Wellness Challenge.

Explore Chiropractic and the Bemidji State University Gillett Recreation and Fitness Center sponsored the event.

The 10-week challenge began Jan. 19 with 86 participants. Each received a Creating Wellness Assessment to determine their wellness quotient, which is a number value that indicates where the personal level of wellness falls on the scale of a wellness continuum of zero to 200. The assessment measures each participant in all three dimensions of their life - physical, biochemical and psychological. The purpose of the challenge was to see who could increase their wellness quotient the most over the 10 week period.

Participants were given tools to help them increase their wellness quotient.

Out of 86 participants, 43 completed the program. The participants who completed the program lost a total of 242 pounds and increased their wellness quotient points by 893.

Pemble increased her Wellness Quotient by 77 points. The increase was due to healthier lifestyle choices such as increase in exercise, water intake, eating healthier, stress management and more. She also won a one-year membership at the BSU Rec Center and a trip voucher to Mexico, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic.

Sponsors of the Bemidji Wellness Challenge also included Salon West, R.P. Broadcasting, First National Bank, Pepsi/Nei Bottling, Paul Bunyan Television, Youngevity, Cabin Coffeehouse, Beltrami Electric Cooperative and WorldVentures.

For details, call Leslie Staker at Explore Chiropractic at 333-8811.