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Duluth police warn residents to watch out for fake $100 bills

The Duluth Police Department is warning residents after receiving several reports of phony $100 bills in the community.

The bills are of good quality, according to a police advisory Monday night, and are made out of real $5 bills. The bills look and feel like real $100 bills, according to police.

However, because the counterfeit bills have been reproduced from actual $5 bills, the counterfeits still have security features from the $5 bill. If you hold a legitimate $100 bill up to the light, you should see a watermark portrait of Benjamin Franklin to one side of the bill and "USA100" printed in the bill's security thread. The counterfeit $100 bills, on the other hand, have a watermark portrait of Abraham Lincoln to one side and "USAFIVE" printed on the security thread.

Police remind businesses and individuals to carefully examine any U.S. currency the receive in denominations of $20 and larger.

If you receive what you believe is a counterfeit $100 bill, call 911.