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RSVP plans osteoporosis exercise program

The Horizon Health RSVP program will offer a free exercise program called Bone Builders here in Bemidji.

This program relies upon weight training to protect against fractures caused by osteoporosis by increasing muscular strength and bone density.

Bone Builders is designed to help prevent and reverse osteoporosis, improve balance, enhance energy and well-being, increase socialization and provide related health information.

RSVP has implemented this successful program in four counties with 15 class sites and has been going strong for five years.

Many of the Bone Builders participants have seen an improvement in their bone density, reduction in pain caused from ailments like arthritis and increased energy.

The key to success is participation, while the laughter and fun are included at no charge.

RSVP is currently recruiting participants and leaders for Bone Builders. They will meet at 1:30 p.m. April 22 at Lueken's North conference room for coffee, cookies and conversation about the exercise program.

If you would like more information feel free to call Tammy Jopp at 800-224-6451 or Ardis Lucken at 751-8836, ext. 14.