Weather Forecast


Red River appears to have hit its crest in Fargo

FARGO - The Red River appears to have crested in Fargo, dipping to 40.69 feet at 10:15 a.m.

That's down from 40.82 feet earlier in the morning. The latest chart by the National Weather Service shows the river will dip and hold level before continuing its descent.

The weather service's latest trend prediction shows a continuing though very gradual decline for the next week, but a spokesman cautioned that forecasters still must evaluate the information.

Even with the gradual decline, which has held for the past seven or eight hours, the river remains very high, above the 1897 record of 40.1 feet, said Mike Hudson, a weather service spokesman.

"I think right now we're starting to see the effects of the cold weather," Hudson said.

Snow is expected Monday, and a lot of water is flowing toward Fargo-Moorhead from the south.