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Comparing state budget proposals

ST. PAUL - Highlights of the three 2010-11 Minnesota state budget plans:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty

-- $1.3 billion cuts, but more public school spending and higher education funding remains the same

-- No state tax increase, but would borrow $1 billion against tobacco lawsuit settlement proceeds

Senate DFL plan

-- $2.4 billion cuts, 7 percent across the board, but more than $2 billion in federal stimulus money is not yet included

-- $2 billion tax increase, with much coming from the richest Minnesotans, although specifics have not been decided

House DFL plan

-- $843 million in cuts, but education would receive the same funding as in current budget

-- $1.5 billion tax increases; committees to decide specific tax changes

Sources: Governor's Office, Senate DFL, House DFL