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Peanut butter case timeline

Key dates in the peanut butter salmonella case:


-- First illnesses reported in country, but no general outbreak suspected

Nov. 9--

-- First Minnesotans get ill, but state officials did not learn of the cases until Nov. 17

November, December, early January--

-- Number of salmonella typhimurium cases increases, but investigators lack evidence pointing to a cause

-- Federal and state health officials hold numerous conference calls about the outbreak

Dec. 21--

-- Nine Minnesota cases match the national outbreak strain

-- Shirley Mae Almer of Perham dies due to salmonella poisoning, probably the first death related to the outbreak

Dec. 22--

-- Three new cases reported at Brainerd nursing home

-- Minnesota Health Department's Stephanie Meyer begins to strongly suspect peanut butter as the cause

Jan. 5--

-- Minnesota Agriculture Department inspector retrieves open peanut butter tub from Brainerd nursing home for testing

Jan. 7--

-- Centers for Disease Control reports 388 people infected in 42 states, but officially the cause is unknown

Jan. 8--

-- Minnesota and federal officials find link between King Nut peanut butter and illnesses

-- National media begins to notice the outbreak

Jan. 9--

-- Number of Minnesota cases rises to 30

-- Minnesota Agriculture Department laboratory confirms salmonella in Brainerd peanut butter

-- Ag officials contact Sysco in Fargo, N.D., which distributed the peanut butter in northern and western Minnesota

-- Minnesota agriculture and health officials warn the public that some peanut products may be dangerous

Jan. 10--

-- PCA quits making peanut paste and peanut butter and recalls King Nut and Parnell's Pride products

-- Food and Drug Administration inspects Peanut Corporation of America plant in Blakeley, Ga., where King Nut was made

Jan. 13--

-- PCA announces recall of 21 lots of peanut butter and paste

Jan. 16--

-- PCA expands recall to all peanut butter produced since Aug. 8 and all peanut paste made since Sept. 26

Jan. 17--

-- FDA announces Minnesota and Georgia laboratories confirm salmonella in PCA products, but still cannot confirm that caused the outbreak

Jan. 18--

-- PCA extends recall to all peanut butter and paste made in its plant since July 1

Jan. 21--

-- FDA announces that federal, Minnesota and Connecticut labs confirm the PCA salmonella caused the illness outbreak

-- Some pet foods recalled

-- FDA inspects a PCA facility in Texas

Jan. 28--

-- PCA recalls all peanut products produces since Jan. 1, 2007

Feb. 2--

-- With more than 2,000 products recalled, Minnesota food inspectors cover the state making sure none remain on store shelves


-- More than 600 Americans became ill and nine died due to the outbreak

-- PCA is closed and has filed for bankruptcy

Sources: Minnesota Health Department, Minnesota Agriculture Department, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

-- Don Davis