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Final bids received on events center

The final bids for the work on the Bemidji regional events center were opened Thursday at Bemidji City Hall.

The final amounts of the bids are not yet available, but they came in "many millions less than estimates," according to City Manager John Chattin in the city's weekly newsletter released Friday afternoon.

"We certainly were able to take advantage of a great bidding environment," Chattin wrote.

Additionally, local contractors were among the successful bidders, according to Chattin.

The final bids will be presented for City Council approval during its regular meeting on March 2.

"It was a good day for our city," Chattin wrote.

The City Council on Tuesday approved the first round of bids for the events center work.

The council approved bids for structural precast, architectural precast, structural steel and subgrade consolidation.

Of those bids approved, the first three came in under budget. The structural precast was $94,553 less than the estimate; the architectural precast was $101,827 less than the estimate; and the structural steel was $126,729 less than estimated.

The subgrade consolidation was $9,500 over the estimate.

In total, the four approved bids came in $424,575 under budget.