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Ruttger's burglary suspects charged, other thefts involved

The suspects in the Ruttger's Birchmont Lodge burglary were charged Wednesday in Beltrami County District Court.

Two men and one juvenile were charged in connection to the Ruttger's burglary. Zachary Daniel Bryant, 18, of Bemidji, was charged with five counts of felony third-degree burglary. Anthony Lee Braman, 18, of Bemidji, was charged with four counts of felony third-degree burglary.

A third man, Nicholas Lee Mudge, 20, of Bemidji, was charged Wednesday with one count of felony third-degree burglary in connection to an October burglary at Git R Dun Saloon. There is another suspect in the Git R Dun Saloon burglary, but he has not been charged.

All three men are in custody in the Beltrami County Jail.

According to the criminal complaints, Beltrami County Sheriff's deputies were called to Ruttger's at 6 a.m. Monday in reference to a burglary. The door to the office and pool area had been forced open and cash, a color TV, walkie-talkies, snacks and keys to other Ruttger's buildings had been stolen.

The suspects' vehicle left "distinctive" tire tracks in the fresh snow, which indicated that a pickup with tires for off-road use had been used, the complaint states. A chain that had been hanging from the end of the truck had also left an imprint in the snow.

Ruttger's employees indicated that two males were the last two people on the premises at the resort Sunday night. One of them had arrived with Bryant, who owned a Toyota 4Runner with off-road tires, the complaint states.

Deputies went to Bryant's residence on the 900 block of America Avenue Northwest and observed the 4Runner in the driveway with tires that matched that tracks left at the scene of the crime, the complaint states.

A search warrant was obtained and deputies executed the search warrant at Bryant's residence, finding a large quantity of property that was stolen from Ruttger's along with property taken in other burglaries as well, the complaint states.

Braman and the juvenile suspect also lived at the residence and were arrested.

Braman in a statement with deputies confessed to breaking into Ruttger's with Bryant and taking $204 in cash plus other property, the complaint states. He said he and Bryant had committed numerous other burglaries in Beltrami and Hubbard counties in recent weeks.

Specifically, he said the duo had broken into Auto Mart in Bemidji about two weeks ago and stole a TV, computer and snack foods, according to the complaint.

He also said he and Bryant burglarized the Chalet Car Wash and stole about $390, the complaint states.

Braman further states that he and Bryant broke into Corner Sports Store on a number of occasions and stole CD players and other property, the complaint states.

Bryant was subsequently located and arrested.

The 4Runner was seized and searched. Inside were burglary tools and property stolen during other burglaries at Corner Sports, the Git R Dun Saloon and the Chalet Car Wash, the complaint states.

Bryant in a statement admitted to the Ruttger's burglary and a burglary at the Git R Dun Saloon on Oct. 30, the complaint states.

Mudge, a known associate of Bryant's and Braman's, was located and questioned. He admitted to deputies that he accompanied Bryant in a burglary in October at Git R Dun Saloon, the complaint states.

Braman was charged with burglaries at Ruttger's, Auto Mart, Chalet Car Wash and Corner Sports.

Bryant was charged with those four burglaries and the burglary at Git R Dun.

Mudge was charged with the Git R Dun burglary.

Each felony burglary charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.