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Letter: Minnesota voters thanked for amendment support

It was wonderful to learn in the early morning hours of Nov. 5 that voters throughout the state chose to protect the Minnesota we all love.

Now our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy cleaner lakes, rivers and streams; abundant wildlife and natural areas; parks and trails; and a rich arts and cultural heritage experience for many, many years to come.

The Minnesota Environmental Partnership and our member groups would like to thank Minnesota voters who voted to pass our Great Outdoors legacy on to future generations. This strong vote demonstrates the public's desire to address the critical environmental and conservation issues facing our state today -- and tomorrow.

Our gratitude also goes out to the 200-plus organizations -- representing the interests of arts, sportsmen, parks and trails, clean water and natural areas -- which worked together for passage of this amendment.

Future generations of Minnesotans will thank you, too.

Sue Trnka

Northwest Minnesota Field Office

Minnesota Environmental Partnership