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Transportation highlights

Highlights of transportation measures Minnesota legislators approved this year:

-- Give state and local roads and bridges a significant boost in transportation funding - up to $6.6 billion over a decade.

-- Raise the gasoline tax by up to 8.5 cents in the coming years to help pay for the new transportation spending plan. License tab fees also are increased, and counties may impose a sales tax increase to pay for transportation projects.

-- Place restrictions on new teen drivers, including when they can drive and the number of passengers they may carry.

-- Require farm equipment to abide by bridge weight limits, ending an exemption.

-- Prohibit motorists from using an electronic device, such as text-messaging, while driving.

-- Require driver's education courses to include study of how motorists should safely interact with commercial trucks on roadways.

-- Require an annual report on commuter bus and rail programs in greater Minnesota.

-- Form a state office to improve school bus safety.

-- Create a special Sesquicentennial license plate commemorating the state's 150th birthday.