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Vote on funding bill fails in Senate, virtually assuring government shutdown

Letter: School fundraising sales have gone too far afield

My elementary school-aged nieces frequently ask for my support for various school fundraising events. I have noticed that instead of trying to raise funds to purchase playground equipment or library books, as I did as a child, my nieces are raising money for independent corporations for "earning" gifts."

Now these "non-profit" corporations are often worthy of donations; they support diabetes research or heart research and are noble endeavors. However, using our children to raise money for private corporations is absolutely wrong. I am more than willing to support the schools fundraising efforts when it is for a direct need for that school.

Shame on the school officials who have agreed to use our children as cheap labor for the money-raising efforts of private corporate America. I guarantee you that the CEOs of these "non-profits" are making a great living and it shouldn't be off the labor of our children. The school officials need to rethink their position on this now!

Dennis Nelson