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Cass Lake man gets 27 months for possession of heroin, other drugs

Tyle John Eide, 22, of 15576 69th Ave., Cass Lake has been sentenced to more than two years in prison after being caught with 40 grams of heroin and other drugs at 10,000 Lakes Fest near Detroit Lakes last summer.

He was charged with felony controlled substance crime -- possession, after law enforcement officers at the festival caught him with 40 grams of heroin, 2.4 grams of ecstasy, 40 pills containing a mixture of meth and ecstasy and a strip of paper containing LSD. The drugs were in a small carrying case.

He also had $462 cash on him on July 22 when he and several others were found riding an ATV of the type generally reserved for staff use at the festival, according to court records.

He had one prior conviction for fifth-degree controlled substance crime in 2006.

He was sentenced to 27 months in prison, with credit for jail time served, and ordered to pay a $50 fine and court fees.