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PR firm offers ICICLE as name for Central Corridor rail line

ST. PAUL (AP) - One named proposed for the planned Central Corridor light-rail line could send a chill up your spine.

A Minnetonka public relations firm is hoping the line will be called ICICLE. That's an acronym for Inner-City Inter-Community Land Express. The rail could be called "the ice" for short.

Media Ink president Michael Maher says the name reflects Minnesotans' pride in the climate. His small firm appears to be the first entity to claim trademark rights over a name for the trains.

Planners for the line connecting St. Paul and Minneapolis have said they want to come up with a better name than the current Central Corridor Light Rail Transit.

Other names submitted to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, after it asked for suggestions, have included The Centro, which sounds like Metro and means central; the City Link Train or CLT; the TCC, or Twin Cities Connection; and SPAM, an acronym for St. Paul and Minneapolis.