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Bill automatically updates Minnesota voter rolls when people move

ST. PAUL (AP) - A bill awaiting action by the Minnesota House seeks to keep state voter rolls fresh by transferring residents' registration when they change their postal address.

It is more limited than an initial version, which would have registered voters when they applied for a driver's license.

The bill cleared its final committee Wednesday.

Its sponsor, Democratic Rep. Steve Simon, said people who move within Minnesota wouldn't have to re-register in their new residence because a change of address card with the post office would do it for them. People who leave Minnesota would have their names removed from the roster.

A postcard would go out to advise people of their status change, giving them a chance to prevent the voter registration transfer.

Republican Rep. Laura Brod said change-of-address cards filed with the post office doesn't always signal a change in residency. She fears college students and snowbirds could inadvertently have their registration dropped, forcing them to re-register on Election Day.

Minnesota's Election Day voter registration option wouldn't change.