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Bemidji School Board action

Among notable action taken at the Bemidji School Board meeting Monday:

Release from contract

The board considered a request by William Harms, high school industrial technology teacher, for a release from his contract.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.

Salary lane advancements

The board considered salary lane advancements for 12 teachers.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.


The board considered resignations from Karen Pooley, teacher at Solway Elementary School; Jon Sand, assistant principal at Bemidji Middle School; Rodney Schwartzrock, physical education teacher at BMS; and Deb DeWenter, early childhood special education teacher.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.

Certified staff appointment

The board considered the certified staff appointment of Douglas Trenda as a JROTC instructor at Bemidji High School.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.


The board considered the noncertified staff resignation of Ted Shutter, chief engineer.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.


The board considered accepting a donation of 255 books worth about $1,702 from customers of B. Dalton Bookseller for Central Elementary School's library.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.

Maintenance facility bids

The board considered approving the low bid of about $1.2 million by Donlar Construction of Waite Park, Minn., for the construction of a new maintenance facility.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.

Budget revisions, projections

The board considered budget revisions for the 2007-08 fiscal year and a five-year budget projection.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve. The board scheduled a work session for March 10 to further discuss school finances, which will include addressing budget projections.

Employment agreement

The board considered an employment agreement between the school district and the United Food Service Workers Association for the period from July 2007 to June 2009.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.

Grant application

The board considered a request to submit an application for a $150,000 Enhancing Education Through Technology grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. The grant would promote technology integration with instruction.

ACTION: The board voted unanimously to approve.

School calendar

The board considered the first reading of a policy presenting two proposed calendars for the 2008-09 school year.

ACTION: The board voted 5-1 in favor of the first of the two calendars. Board member Steven Johnson voted against the first calendar. The board will hold a second reading and a vote to adopt a final calendar March 17.

Student recognition

Superintendent Jim Hess suggested the board begin recognizing students who compete in a state competition for an activity sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League and students who are recognized at the state level. He said recognition could include a letter to the students and their parents.

ACTION: The board will begin implementing a system of recognition during the next few months.

Kindergarten registration

Superintendent Jim Hess said kindergarten registration is taking place at the school district's six elementary schools.

ACTION: No action taken.

Board members recognized

Superintendent Jim Hess presented each board member with a certificate in conjunction with School Board Recognition Week.

ACTION: No action taken.

Present: Chairwoman Ann Long Voelkner, Gene Dillon, Bill Faver, Carol L. Johnson, Steven Johnson and John Pugleasa.

For more information on board actions, call the superintendent's office at 333-3100, ext.101.