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Bemidji City Council action

Among notable action taken at the Bemidji City Council meeting Monday:

New staff position

The council considered authorization and funding for a new staff position, a community development director. This person would be charged with following and leading new and expanding business developments in the city. He or she would also serve as the city's connection to the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board and commission. The salary would range from $57,696 to $72,120, of which the city has budgeted all funds except, at most, $10,000.

ACTION: The council voted unanimously to approve.

Birchmont Drive

The council considered two agreements with Northern Township authorizing the assessments for the Birchmont Drive utility extension project and utility services agreement.

ACTION: The council voted unanimously to approve both agreements.

Present: Richard Lehmann, mayor; Onen Markeson, Ward 1; Roger Hellquist, Ward 2; Ron Johnson, Ward 3; Jerry Downs, Ward 4; Nancy Erickson, Ward 5; Barb Meuers; at-large.

For more information on City Council actions, call the city clerk's office at 759-3570.