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Bemidji City Council action

Among notable action taken at the Bemidji City Council meeting Monday:

Freedom Walk

Joe Aitken told the City Council that the date of the annual freedom Walk in downtown Bemidji has been changed to Feb. 4 this year to encourage more participation.

ACTION: No action was required.

Nymore streets hearing

The Bemidji City Council held a public hearing on the proposed paving of gravel roads Wilson Avenue (between Third and Fourth streets), Kay Avenue (Second to Third streets), Gould Avenue (Second to Fifth streets), Richards Avenue (First to Fifth streets), Stoner Avenue (Fourth to Fifth streets), Fifth Street (Gould to Lake avenues), Miles Avenue (Fourth Street to Roosevelt Avenue) and McKinley Avenue (Third to Fourth streets).

The project was expected to cost about $370,449 with $4,562 coming from the storm water utility fund and the remainder coming from assessments to benefiting properties at a cost of $48 per lineal foot.

ACTION: The council voted unanimously to cancel the project based on the number of benefiting property owners who were opposed to the cost.

Parks and Trails Council

The council considered an annual donation to the Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota.

ACTION: The council majority rejected annual contributions of $2,500 and $1,750 before voting 6-1 in favor of an annual $1,500 contribution. Councilor Nancy Erickson was opposed.

Birchmont Drive

The council considered approving the plans and authorizing calling for bids for the Birchmont Drive roadway and utility project.

ACTION: The council voted unanimously to approve.

Present: Richard Lehmann, mayor; Onen Markeson, Ward 1; Roger Hellquist, Ward 2; Ron Johnson, Ward 3; Jerry Downs, Ward 4; Nancy Erickson, Ward 5; Barb Meuers; at-large.

For more information on City Council actions, call the city clerk's office at 759-3570.