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Chattin receives satisfactory review

City Manager John Chattin has received a "pretty good review" of his job performance after his first year with the city, according to Mayor Richard Lehmann.

Lehmann said he sent job performance review evaluations to the City Council and staff members.

Lehmann said there were a few minor things that he and Chattin has discussed.

Overall, the review was "pretty favorable," Lehmann said.

Chattin began working for Bemidji on Nov. 6. He was selected from a pool of six finalists, replacing David Minke, who left the city at the end of June last year for an administrative position in Castle Rock, Colo.

The council voted unanimously to hire Chattin at an annual salary of $89,000. The contract stipulates that if he received a satisfactory performance evaluation after six months, his salary would be increased to $92,000. If after one year he again receives a satisfactory evaluation, his salary will increase to $95,000.

Chattin has now met both benchmarks.