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Nymore residents ask City Council to cancel paving project

A public hearing on the plans for Nymore street improvements will be held during Monday's City Council meeting.

The council in December approved a feasibility report for paving of eight sections of gravel roads in Nymore: Wilson Avenue (between Third and Fourth streets), Kay Avenue (Second to Third streets), Gould Avenue (Second to Fifth streets), Richards Avenue (First to Fifth streets), Stoner Avenue (Fourth to Fifth streets), Fifth Street (Gould to Lake avenues), Miles Avenue (Fourth Street to Roosevelt Avenue) and McKinley Avenue (Third to Fourth streets).

If done, the work would be paid primarily through assessments. The total cost is expected to be $370,449 with $4,562 coming from the storm water utility fund and the remainder coming from assessments to benefiting properties at a cost of $48 per lineal foot, according to a staff report from City Engineer Craig Gray.

The roads are planned to be paved without concrete curb and gutter, and with a 24-foot-wide bituminous road surface.

A neighborhood meeting was held Dec. 18 for those who would be affected by projects. Eight people attended the meeting and were all opposed to the plans due to the proposed assessment of $48 per lineal foot, the report says.

"They would rather have their streets remain gravel than to pay the assessment for the paving project," the report says.

Residents on Fifth Street, Richards Avenue, Gould Avenue and Wilson Avenue have submitted petitions to the council stating their opposition to the project, the report says.

"Unlike some projects, there is no engineering reason why this project needs to be completed in 2008," the report says. "It is therefore recommended that the City Council pass a motion canceling (the project)."

The council is expected to take action, either by approving or canceling the project, during Monday's 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall.