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Armory offers temporary home for skateboarders

An offer from the National Guard Armory has resulted in a temporary home for local skateboarders.

Sgt. Seth Martell has made indoor space available at the Armory for use as an indoor skate park for local enthusiasts.

Wooden ramps were constructed for the "skate park" thanks to a $2,000 grant through Home Depot that was secured by Jeremy Hayes, the store manager at Home Depot in Bemidji.

The Armory-based skate park is planned to be a temporary fix until a permanent home for skateboarders can be identified, Nate Dorr explained.

Local youth were able to offer their input on what types of ramps they wanted to use before the ramps were constructed, Dorr said.

The first free night of skating at the Armory was held on Dec. 21. The total number of participants was not available, but Dorr said the number of youth that showed up was indicative of the amount of support in the community for a free, public skate park.

The Armory will have schedule hours during which local skateboarders may come and use the ramps free of charge. Helmets are required. Also, a parent or guardian is required to offer permission for youth to skate.

A schedule for free skating is not yet available.