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Fergus Falls couple looks after three-legged doe

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) -- The archery deer season and upcoming firearm season put Otto and Arlene Hanson a little on edge.

They worry about I-Lean, a three-legged doe that has roamed their neighborhood along Ten Mile Lake about 10 miles south of Fergus Falls for the last seven years.

I-Lean eats corn out of Arlene Hanson's hand and lets her pick cockle burrs off of her. She affectionately licks the Hansons' cat, Schmoo.

But I-Lean is still a wild animal, and the Hansons said they have grown to accept that, especially during deer hunting season.

"We think about it, but whatever happens, happens," Otto Hanson said. "She's not ours."

The Hansons don't know how I-Lean lost her left-front leg. She walks around fine -- albeit with a hop -- and Otto says it's impossible to tell she's crippled when she runs.

"Most of the people around here know about her," Otto said. "They slow down and let her go across the road when they see


The Hansons said I-Lean is the mother of 10 fawns. The couple named the most recent set of twins "Robin Hood and Bambi II."