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Hockey Day is coming to Bemidji; 13th annual event set for winter 2019

BHS cross country teams tune up for sections

Andrew Papke-Larson led the Bemidji boys cross country with a personal-best time Tuesday at the Bemidji Invitational and he's hoping it is the start of something bigger for the Lumberjacks.

"Everyone had such a great race today and we hope to keep this up at sections next week," said Papke-Larson, who finished third at 16:32 at Maple Ridge Golf Course. "Hopefully we can get a trip to state-Moorhead is the team to beat."

The Spuds took first place in the boys varsity race with a team score of 28, edging the Lumberjacks in second place at 30. Crosby Ironton finished third (91) and Detroit Lakes finished fourth (94).

Moorhead's Tyler Iverson had the top overall time at 16:20.

Papke-Larson was one of four Bemidji runners to crack the top 10 on a cool, overcast afternoon with a slight drizzle in the air.

"This (weather) is just great," Papke-Larson said. "It doesn't bother me too much and it's makes it easier to run."

Top 10 finishers for Bemidji included Zac Oelrich in fifth, Eric Truedson in sixth and Jared Davis in seventh.

Other Bemidji boys varsity finishers were Jake Sorby (17), James Powell (19) and Peter Huminek (34).

Papke-Larson credited offseason training for his personal best and was happy to accomplish it in the Lumberjacks' only meet in Bemidji this season.

"It feels real great to do it on our home course, which is fast and it's good to do it in front of the home crowd," Papke-Larson said.

The Bemidji girls cross country team finished in second place at 65. Moorhead won the girls race with 20 points.

Leading Bemidji was Stephanie Marsh in fifth place at 15:57.

"I'm really excited where I finished, because I didn't think I was going to catch them," said Marsh, referring to Moorhead's Erica Henrikson and Kaylee Litch.

Marsh pulled ahead of the two Spuds near the end of the course where the runners make their way through two tight rows of trees before hitting the open field.

"Once I passed them I had such a rush of adrenaline," Marsh said.

Marsh never looked back and crossed the finish line ahead of Henrickson in sixth and Litch in seventh.

Moorhead's Anna Lipetzky won the girls overall race with a time of 15:36.

Also finishing in the top 10 for Bemidji was Kim Truedson in 10th place.

Other Bemidji girls varsity finishers were Ashley Erickson (11), Ali Hougen (16), Emily Lawrence (24), Tiffany Mason (30) and Molly Manske (31).

"I think everyone is happy with how they did today. Now we just have to get ready for sections and that's what everyone works for," Marsh said.

The Section 8AA tournament is next Thursday at Detroit Lakes.


Bemidji Invitational

Boys Varsity

Team totals: 1. Moorhead 28, 2. Bemidji 30, 3. Crosby-Ironton 91, 4. Detroit Lakes 94.

Individual (16:20) 1. Iverson, Mhd; 2. Lindaas, Mhd; 3. Papke-Larson, Bem; 4. Gemar, Mhd; 5. Oelrich, Bem; 6. Truedson, Bem; 7. Davis, Bem; 8. Vukelich, CI; 9. Jenson, Bem; 10. Lillehaugen, Mhd. 17. Sorby, Bem; 19. Powell, Bem; 34. Huminek, Bem.

Girls Varsity

Team totals: 1. Moorhead 20, 2. Bemidji 65, 3. Crosby-Ironton 77, 4. Detroit Lakes 80, 5. Lake of the Woods 141.

Individual (15:36) 1. Lipetzky, Mhd; 2. Stordahl, Mhd; 3. Paquette, DL; 4. Hansen, Mhd; 5. Marsh, Bem; 6. Henrikson, Mhd; 7. Litch, Mhd; 8. Brammer, Mhd; 9. Mapson, CI; 10, Truedson, Bem; 11. Erickson, Bem; 16. Hougen, Bem; 24. Lawrence, Bem; 30. Mason, Bem; 31. Mankse, Bem.

Boys Junior Varsity

Team totals: 1. Moorhead 20, 2. Bemidji High School 41, 3. Bemidji Junior High 85, 4. Detroit Lakes 110.

Individual (17:46). 1. Nicolai, Mhd; 2. Geraghty Mhd; 3. Jones, Bem; 4. Sederquist, Mhd; 5. Huber, Bem; 6. Monke-Lundberg, Mhd; 7. Sederquist, Mhd; 8. Larson, Mhd; 9. Desautel, Mhd; 10. Bowman, Bem; 12. Solheim, Bem; 13. Fisher, Bem; 16. Urban, Bem; 17. Kramka, Bem; 18. Danielson, Bem; 20. McDonald, Bem; 21. Kane, Bem; 22. Berube, Bem; 25. Buckanga, Bem; 26. Thompson, Bem; 27. Clemensen, Bem; 32. Erickson, Bem; 38. Koepp, Bem; 41. Davis, Bem; 47. Robinson, Bem; 52. Roskowksi.

Girls Junior Varsity

Team totals: 1. Moorhead 15, 2. Bemidji 60, 3. Detroit Lakes 65.

Individual (16:02) - 1. Carey, Mhd; 2. Richards, Mhd; 3. Hanson, Mhd; 4. Christian, Mhd; 5. Christian, Mhd; 6. Bailey, Mhd; 7. Enns, Mhd; 8. Harless, Mhd; 9. Humphers-Ginthers, Mhd; 10. Fraser, LOTW; 11. Warren, Bem; 14. Gronhovd, Bem; 16. Barrett, Bem; 22. Richards, Bem; 27. Johnson, Bem; 30. Parobek, Bem; 31. Fultz, Bem.

Boys Junior High

Individual (12:43) 1. Carlson, Bem; 2. Glen, Bem; 3. White, Bem; 4. Johannsen, Bem; 6. Supalla, Bem; 7. Barrett, Bem; 8. Ulrich, Indus; 9. Erickson, Indus; 10. Hultman, Indus. 13. Sagedahl, Bem; 14. Rickers, Bem; 15. Sveine, Bem; 16. Sagedahl, Bem; 17. Boyer, Bem.; 19. Rassler, Bem; 20. Horst, Bem; 21. Peske, Bem; 23. Kilde, Bem.

Girls Junior High

Individual (13:47) 1. Truedson, Bem; 2. Guida, Bem; 3. Solheim, Bem; 4. Mosbeck, TRF; 5. Bakker, Bem. 6. Lyren, Bem. 7. Felix, Bem. 8. Stinar, Bem; 9. Kruta, TRF; 10. Kingbird, Bem.