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Head pleads innocent to kidnapping

Keith Nathan Head, 26, of Bemidji, pleaded innocent on Oct. 8 to a charge of kidnapping (unsafe release), a serious felony. His next court date is Dec. 18.

Head is accused of kidnapping a former girlfriend, holding her against her will and assaulting her.

According to the criminal complaint, the Bemidji Police Department received a call on Sept. 6 about a woman who was trying to escape from a man in a vehicle in the 1900 block of Delton Avenue Northwest. Police responded and located the suspect vehicle, which turned into a driveway. Officers arrested the driver, identified as Head, at gunpoint, the complaint said.

Witnesses told police that a woman was trying to escape from Head, who was attempting to force her into the vehicle, the complaint said.

Head was convicted of previous crimes against women, the complaint said. Police went to the home of one his previous victims and found the woman at home in an emotional state, the complaint said.

She told police that Head came to her residence the day before and kidnapped her against her will, forcing her into his car, the complaint said. Head held her against her will at her residence and assaulted her, the complaint said. She said she tried to escape him as he was driving her in his car near Delton Manor Apartments, and he was trying to force her back into the vehicle when bystanders called police, the complaint said.

Witnesses told police that the woman was yelling and a car was following her, the complaint said. They said the driver was telling her to get back into the car, the complaint said. The woman ran toward Delton Manor Apartments, and the driver followed her, grabbed her, dragged her back to the car and threw her in the vehicle violently, the complaint said. When he walked around the vehicle to get into the driver's seat, the woman tried to run away again, the complaint said.

Witnesses were able to identify the woman in a photo lineup, and the license plate that the witness reported seeing on the suspect vehicle matched the license plate of Head's vehicle, the complaint said.