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Tweedale: Time to make a statement

Cliff Tweedale, the executive director of the Headwaters Regional Development Commission, said it is time for the Bemidji City Council to decide whether it truly wants to pursue the events center project.

"Up to this point, everybody has been reasonably cautious, he said. "There comes a time in any major project when you've got to decide if you're going to give 110 percent."

For the proposed Bemidji events center, "that time has come," Tweedale said.

There was a period in which half support was appropriate, he said, and did not blame those who were just kind of supporting the proposal.

"I think that time has passed," he said.

Tweedale said the HRDC has no intention of dropping its support of the events center. Rather, the HRDC will support the project in a different role than as project coordinator.

"The HRDC thinks this is a really important project for our community," he said. "It is an incredibly important project for our community."