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Colley sentenced for reduced criminal sexual conduct charge

Riley James Colley, 18, of Bemidji, pleaded guilty July 31 to an amended charge of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor.

Colley originally faced a serious felony charge of third-degree criminal sexual conduct by force or coercion.

He was sentenced for the fifth-degree charge Monday by Judge Paul Benshoof in Beltrami County District Court. He was sentenced to one year in jail with 305 days stayed for two years and ordered to pay a $250 fine. Restitution was reserved.

Colley was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl following a May 11 party at her rural Bemidji home while her parents were out of town.

As a condition of the stayed sentenced, Colley was ordered to serve 60 days in jail on work release. Other conditions include that he have no contact with the victim or her family, remain one-half mile from the victim's residence, complete sex offender out-patient treatment, register as a sex offender, complete the Abel sexual interest inventory, not use or possess sexually-explicit materials, submit a DNA sample, comply with the Department of Corrections and avoid the hockey arena during girls' practices and games.

The party, at which alcohol was consumed, broke up about 1 a.m. Colley and another boy were the last to leave. The girl asked him to lock the door and turn off the lights when he left, and she went to her bedroom and went to bed.

At about 2:30 a.m., she saw someone standing in the doorway of her bedroom, and suspected that it was Colley. He came over to her bed, and sexually assaulted her. She was frightened and moved, so Colley left. He returned and sexually assaulted her again. This happened five or six times until he put a blanket over her head, assaulted her orally, and then sexually penetrated her.

The girl reported the assault three days later.

During a police interview, Colley initially denied the accusation. He said he was at a friend's house and then went and parked at Bemidji High School until 3 a.m. When confronted with surveillance tapes from the high school that proved he was not there, Colley admitted to assaulting the girl, but denied penetrating her.