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Bemidji City Council action

Among notable action taken at the Bemidji City Council meeting Tuesday:

Library budget

Kitchigami Regional Library Director Marian Ridge presented the 2008 Bemidji Public Library budget, which includes a 3 percent increase for the city of Bemidji ($101,284) from 2007. Bemidji's automation repair and replacement commitment for 2008 is an additional $7,715.

ACTION: No action necessary.

Bemidji Avenue project

The City Council considered adoption of a resolution approving the feasibility report concerning the reconstruction of Bemidji Avenue and setting a public hearing for 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15.

ACTION: The council voted unanimously to approve.

JPB "seed" money

The City Council considered a $2,000 contribution in "seed" money to the Bemidji Area Joint Powers Board. City Attorney Alan Felix advised the council to first revise the Joint Powers Agreement before contributing any funds to the JPB.

ACTION: No action necessary.

Sustainability taskforce

The City Council considered creation of a Bemidji Sustainability Task Force, which would consider and examine ways to preserve the community's natural resources.

ACTION: The council voted unanimously to approve without authorizing funding for the task force.

Present: Richard Lehmann, mayor; Onen Markeson, Ward 1; Roger Hellquist, Ward 2; Ron Johnson; Ward 3; Jerry Downs, Ward 4; Barb Meuers; at-large. Absent: Nancy Erickson, Ward 5.

For more information on City Council actions, call the city clerk's office at 759-3570.