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Park Rapids city water deemed safe to use

The boil order for the city of Park Rapids has been lifted.

The city received a boil order - in which residents were required to boil their tap water before use - on Saturday morning from the Minnesota Department of Health after fecal coliform, or E. coli bacteria, was found in the city's water supply, according to a press release from the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office. Initial tests showed contamination in the distribution system, but not in the water wells.

While the lifting of the boil order means that city resident may again drink and use their water for household needs, residents are asked to open their taps to allow clean chlorinated water to run through their systems for at least 5 minutes, according to a Monday press release from the city of Park Rapids.

Other systems that are permanently connected to city water, including ice-makers, soda machines and water softeners, should be drained and refilled with chlorinated water, the release said. All ice should be discarded.

For cleaning and utensils, the release suggests a sanitizing solution of one tablespoon of bleach for each gallon of water for 30 seconds.

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The Park Rapids water system was chlorinated Saturday at the wells and the water tower, and the city's Public Works Department flushed all of the hydrants to pull chlorine throughout the distribution system, according to a previous release from the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office.

The Minnesota Department of Health tested more samples on Sunday. The results were expected at 2 p.m. Monday, at which time the City Council was to meet to discuss further actions, the release said.

For more information, contact Park Rapids City Hall at 218-732-3163 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.